life as a freelance copywriter

When I first told people I wanted to work as a freelance copywriter, they looked at me with crazy eyes. I was met with questions like, “Why would you give up a steady income for a life as a freelance copywriter?” and, “What are you going to do all day, just sit around the house?”life as a freelance copywriter

You know,  the usual.

Whilst it was tempting to defend myself, I realised they weren’t exactly wrong. Yes, I was giving up a steady income and yes, a lot of my time would be spent “sitting around the house”. But I would still be working. The only difference was that I could do it in my slippers.

So, I transformed what little space I had into a mini home office. I cleaned up my desk (which is not a desk at all, but an antique writing bureau I acquired during my “Hemmingway” phase), plonked my laptop down and started typing.

I reckoned, I type every day anyway – why not do it from home?

Time Management: In a World of my Own

life as a freelance copywriterLife as a freelance copywriter is great, especially for people who want more creative freedom. However, you still need to get the work done. I set myself strict deadlines to ensure the work is completed on time. This helps organise my weekly work schedule and allows me to manage my time more efficiently.

I keep track of my workload with a colour-coded content calendar. Each colour represents a customer. This helps me to make sure I have assigned enough time to complete each project. The colours are there because a blank white calendar is just depressing.


Being my own boss: no longer working for “the man”

The beauty of freelancing is the fact that you take complete control of your work AND your time. life as a copywriterBeing your own boss means choosing your own hours. Feel like taking the day off? Go for it. If you stick to your agreed deadlines, you can pretty much revolve around your own schedule.

Your time is yours again, and it’s worth it.

Life as a Freelance copywriter: A lonely Business?

Most freelance copywriters describe the job as solitary. However, I have found that it’s quite the opposite! Sure, the writing part is done alone. But communicating and building a working relationship with the client is a huge part of the job. Meeting them in person helps to create a stronger bond between writer and client. They discuss their “content vision” and I bring it to life for them.

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

life as a freelance copywriterBringing a freelance writer on the team is like having your own private writing PA.

Most business owners have a lot on their plates. They have meetings to attend and multiple projects to manage. They are simply too busy to write, which is why they hire a freelancer (or a Content Assassin) to do it for them.

Final Thoughts

Working as a freelance copywriter is an awarding job. So far, I’m enjoying my life as a freelance copywriter. I write every day and I get to do it in my slippers, what more could I want?



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